Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Youth and technology

      As I listened to the  report on the news on youth and technology, I was quit surprised at how they believed we, youth, acted. That they thought we just sat around at a computer all day long, facebooking, tweeting, or using are cellphones and texting. Because that's not how we act. Sure maybe some people do, live their whole lives immersed in the world of the Internet, cellphones and facebook, etc... but this is a very small group. Most youth do spend some time on these electronics, (But who doesn't?), although it is not are entire lives. Most teens, play sports, perfrome music, hang out with friends, be outside, etc... not spend there whole lives on the electronics.

      I belive it's very wrong how they just put "Youth" and expect every one of us to be the exact same. Why would they think that? We all look different, talk different, have different interests... So I just have one question for you.....why should are technology use be the exact same when nothing else is? Since when are we one person?

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