Monday, 2 May 2011

fashion throughout the decades

1970's fashion                            1980's fashion                          1990's fashion

(the 1970's fashion trends were mainly based on "disco") - bell bottom pants, florals and metallics
(the 1980's fashion trends were focusing on "exercise") - fun, cute and energetic
(the 1990's fashion trends were more of a "grunge" style)-hairspray. hairspray, hairspray! daring to be different

once the 21st century hit the trends started coming back from different decades
-mid 2000's : included hippie and bohemian inspired looks , paisley patterns, leggings, tunics, headbands, longer tank tops, and capri bottoms

-late 2000's: inluded ballet flats, acid wash skinny jeans, flip flops, knitted sweater dresses, camisoles, and belts

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