Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cell phones

I believe there are many pros and cons to cell phones...

  • it's an easy way to stay connected with frineds, family, etc... no matter where they are.
  • in case of an emergency you can easily contact 911, or a friend if your feeling unsafe
  • it's an easy way to kill time when your by yourself and have nothing to do
  •  when people overuse them they can become anti-social, and lose the ability to socialize face-to-face with real people.
  • they can be unawareof what's going on around them, and that can sometimes lead to accidents, (or close calls).
  • they can lose contact with the people who are actually real and there with them, and can grow distant from friends, family.
        An example of just how bad it can get it is: that friends hanging out togeather can totally ignor each other and just concentrate on  their cell phones

I believe the pros and cons are true, it all depends on how you use your cell phones whether it is consider a pro or a con, and for some people, it might be both.

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