Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Teenage Dream

                                      Katy Perry-music video-Teenage Dream


      The video I found that portrays this subject perfectly is "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry. In this video there is a male who is strong, tuff, etc... and you see him preparing for a boxing match maybe, or just plain working on his muscels. Then you switch over a cool car with no top, (considered a "cool car" i'm guessing) where Katy Perry is hanging onto him and kissing him, ect...  so this is saying that to get a girl you have to be strong and masculin. This also says that girls have to be sexual and submissive and where inappropriate clothing to "get the guy", because in the video the male is responding to her actions of affection. Later on in the video they start making out and showing innapropriate sceens, and it seems they are doing this becuaes the male is strong and the female is sexuale. Something else wrong with these characters (or actors) is that the male Katy Perry is all over doesn't look like any young teenager i know. He has a full beard and looks at least 20.

One line in the song is " i let my walls come down..." and this line caught my attention because it's saying, "yes i was being carefull but i dont care anymore lets do this!" and seeing has in the song there teenagers i think they are premoting the wrong idea to teens. It's like telling them it's ok, when in reality you shouldn't be doing that kind of stuff untill after your married.

Another line is"....things we're kinda heavy you brought me to life, now every febuary you'll be my valentine.." I believe this line is implying that she was wider, but as soon as she met this guy, she went on a diet and because she got skinny, she got the guy. I believe this is implying the wrong message, being wider isn't a bad thing, and going on a diet especially at a young age can be wrong and unhealthy.

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