Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cell phones! Pros and Cons! Are they dangerous?

Before I was exposed to information about these pocket sized telephones I thought that cell phones were just a way to have a telephone that isn't at your house with a couple cool additions. After learning information about the topic I was wrong!  Cell phones have much more to them than the eye can see.  For example, those "cool additions" are used way too much and have become the basic way to communicate for the last couple years which is not right.  People have started to talk through texting which means in the present people are tapping little letters on a tiny keyboard than actually communicating verbally and moving their mouth.   This is very different than what they did a couple decades ago.  The people in the 1970's would actually talk, face to face. When they invented the first couple cell phones they were huge, if you had one of those cell phones it would mean that you made it big time, it was a statement that told everyone that you were better than them and if you didn't have it you were nothing... Oh ya it looked liked this:

Just look at it, cell phones today are less than a tenth of that.  You could make the arguement that technology has grown and we know more now.  I agree with that but yet still we take it for granted and want more.  Just take a minute and look at the two pictures and you'll know the difference.
Now, you might be thinking that it doesn't matter if we use it a lot, it's ours and we can use it anyway we like.  I can't stop those people but you can inform them that it won't help their future.  When you go to a job interview are you going to be infront of the boss texting? Of course not!  You're going to have to be face to face and tell him/her why they should give you the job.  Now when you text all the time you're not going to have experience verbally communicating to the degree to get a job so you'll get declined and start serving happy meals for the rest of your life.  Last but not least after all the texting you will be afraid to meet new people because you won't be able to talk to them and you definately don't have everyone in the world as a contact.  I'm not telling you not to use cell phones but give yourself a limit of texting and you can't cross it unless you absolutely have to in case of emergency.  I say that because a cell phone can be handy but we have to realise that smily and sad faces won't make you a communicator.  For all I know the person I'm textingcan be having a bad day but I can't do anything about it because on their cellular it will show something different.  So next time you're in texting situation just think about what you should do.

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