Monday, 2 May 2011

Music Over Time Showing Individuality ♥

Music has changed so much as years go by. I find that music can define a person perfectly or give the complete opposite impression. Everyone has different taste when it comes to music, such as slow and soft, or fact and loud. There are many different genera's of music like country, heavy metal, hip hop etc.

If you look at the top 10 hits over the past 30 or so years you can definitely see the contrast in taste, for example...

1980's number 1 hit:
'Call me' by Blondie

2011's number 1 hit:
'Rolling in the deep' by Adele

If you were to listen to the two songs you can see the change in 'popular' taste like techno, rap, duets, lyrics content.

Music is used by many to express their individuality and im glad that in my youth there are different types to choose from to project who we are to others who see as as somthing else. Music gives us a chance to prove that we can be differet.

This might go completely against the purpose of this course or just slide into why we are all here, but i like to believe that everyone is different, there are no such thing as 'cliques' and each person is seen as an individual and not labelled by what theyre hair looks like or what type of music they listen to.

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