Monday, 2 May 2011

The Wonderful Worlf of "Glee" by Lyndsay

The television show "Glee" has taken youth culture by storm!

Not only has the show gained more viewers and awards than almost any primetime show in the last 10 years of television, it has also changed the way youth are represented on television. There are memorable and diverse characters that represent the true diversity of youth today! There are people of coulour, a person with a disability, gay and lesbians, as well as annoying and chiched characters. The show incorporates many of the styles, trends and music of today's youth--often times putting a unique spin on all three!
My opinion: Glee ROCKS!


  1. this show has helped so many people come out and be themselves. The high school I'm going to next year has a glee club now thanks to the show.

  2. glee definatly shows the world that being diverse and different isn't a bad thing, and to just be yourself because everyone deserves to be appreciated for who they are.
    I LUV GLEE!!!!

  3. really tacos? not saying they're bad but really?

  4. I have never seen glee but i think it is a very interestiong show. Your answer is very deep, fabulous and u did an amazing job!