Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Off That!

This song is similar to what we talked about and you see that in the first couple of lines and many lines throughout the song.  For example,

"Welcome to the future!"

This line immediately tells you that you're being introduced to a new world which is obiously the future in this context.  So pretty much you're going to see something new.

That was just the introduction but the first three words of verse one tell you immediately what the singer or rapper is going to be telling us about.  Those words are:

"I'm so tomorrow..."

Those three words tell you that everything about the artist is the future because tomorrow is the future.  Now mixing those seven words, Welcome to the future and I'm so tomorrow immediately inform you that this guy is going to brag about how cool he is because he knows or wears 2012 trends in 2011.  Which is just an example.

After hearing those lines you might think that those are just seven words, you can't judge a song by seven words but then you listen to the chorus:

"Whatever you about to discover We off that
You about to tell her you love it, we off that
Always want to fight in the club and we off that
But you can't bring the future back
Ya'll steady chasing the fame, we off that
Oversize clothes and the chains, we off that
Niggas still makin' it rain and we off that
But you can't bring the future back!"

The chorus usually sums up the whole song and in this case it does. For example, he pretty much says everything you can do or wear and then he says that him and his group are off that.  So he's saying he lives in the future and everyone else lives in the past.