Wednesday, 4 May 2011

All Time Low- Challenging The Norm

The video that I have chosen for this assignment is Weightless by All Time Low.

This music video isn't showing that everyone has to be a certain way. I am not focusing on the song and the lyrics as much as the choreography itself. Different characters in the video show different stereotypes like the band groupie girls at the beginning, falling all over the lead singer.

These girls are portrayed as 'band sluts' and people who will do anythign just to be near you. But you wonder why they would want to be near him. I mean he is no hulk, but the girls are still attracted to him? This is because (my best guess) he has been shown as famous because he is in a successful band. This is showing that not everyone has to be beautiful to be confident and like who they are.

Another character would be "embarrassing tattoo's guy". He tries to seem cool by showing people that he is daring by having marked his body forever.

These people could also fit into different catagories that we were talking about earlier in the week. like the band mates would be catagorized as 'Emo'. So they are being judged by a way they like to dress? NO! the point of this video is that everyone is judged by first impressions and what they seem.

But isnt that the whole point of this assignment? To look for a video that shows the stereotypical way that males and females are viewed? Well this is an example of how everyone is judged by looks but thats not only what matters.

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