Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Who is using the technology?

The media portrays all of these teens the way they think they act. All of media says that teens are always on the internet, texting, on the phone or listening to music. They say teens do all of this but have they ever looked at what adults do?

Most adults who work in an office are on the computer all day long, they use the phone to communicate with other people from work, other family members or friends. Adults also text, I see tons of people on their cellphones all the time. Most adults have an e-mail account as well and possibly a facebook account. Music may not be as popular with the adults as it is with the youth age group but they do still listen to it, it may not be the same type of music that the youth listens to or they may not have any sort of i pod but they still listen to music in some sort of way. 

The youth age group however, mostly go to school from Monday till Friday and are not aloud to use their cell phones and most likely have only an hour on the computer at school other then that they only have the time between when they get home and when they go to sleep and on the weekends. Media makes the youth age group seem like they spend all of their time on the computer or texting, they may have only a limited time on the phone or on the computer unlike adults who use technology way more then us. 

I think that the media should look at other age groups and see how much they do the things we do. What do you think?
 Should they compare this:

To this:

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