Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Born This Way?

Lady Gaga is a world-wide sensation. In almost all if not all of her songs she is seen dancing, slirting, kissing boys. They are always the same: Tall, extremely muscular, tough, usually in clothing that shows their bare torso's. It is showing that to be with a beautiful, rich girl you must fit that description, when in reality very few teenage or young adult boys look like that! Not to mention all of her songs are about sex or imply sex, which sets a bad example for young teens who look up to her. Also, her lack of clothing, fuels the sterotype for girls as well. They will feel that to be popular or rich or famous, they need to show off their bodies in incredibly scandalous ways.

I'm not going to lie, I am a Gaga fan. I love the beats of her music and the catchy lyrics, but when you start to pick apart even your favoutrite songs and videos, you can find some scary facts you never realized.


  1. it is true that her not wearing a lot of clothing gives that sexualized look, but I think with especially lady gaga, it really is her just being herself, not caring what anyone else thinks about her style and just being herself.