Thursday, 9 June 2011

miss everyone :)

hey, i was just checking this cuz akasha was asking me on fb what the password was and i thought i would check it out. i had a great time and i miss everyone! im glad i have been keeping in touch with everyone and the experience has enlightened me so much! (btw i was talking with my boyfriend jake that went to ottawa u and carletown sounded like it was better ;)aha) i miss carleton sooooososososo much and i wish we could all see eachother again, but even if i dont see anyone again, it will always still be a good memory <3 hope everyone is having a good time and hoping that someone reads this? hopefully see u guys again some time :)
--Sydney Miller <3

1 comment:

  1. I miss all of you guys too, I agree it was an amazing experience and I enjoyed it soo much, my friends and I still talk about it. Hopefully some people still check this. I will never forget my week at Carleton it will stay in my memories forever.
    -Kasha <3 :)